Inspo #3: Toni Desrosiers

Inspo #3: Toni Desrosiers

Toni is the founder of Abeego — a company that creates reusable beeswax food wraps that keps food alive. The brand was founded when Toni was searching for a way to ensure food remains alive in a breathable environment. We chatted with Toni to talk about her inspiration for the business, her typical day in the office, and top self-care tips


Can You Tell Us a Bit About Yourself?

My name is Toni Desrosiers, the proud founder of Abeego and the mind behind beeswax wrap. For the past 16 years, my company has been my passion and dedication. I’m based in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC, where I reside with my family. One of my greatest joys is tending to my front yard vegetable garden.


What Inspired You to Start Your Business?

I had doubts about the effectiveness of synthetic plastic in prolonging the freshness of my food and decided to revolutionize the food wrap industry by founding Abeego. My motivation stemmed from a belief that natural, fresh food required a preservation method that aligned with nature's peel, skin or rind. Recognizing a substantial opportunity to challenge the status quo in the plastic wrap industry, I eagerly seized it!

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

I rise at 6 am to walk the dog, tend to some early morning gardening, and exercise. My workday follows a typical 9-5 schedule, but as an entrepreneur, it's far from ordinary. Each day brings a range of topics, challenges, and opportunities to explore. Most days I love that I get the opportunity to stretch myself in new ways. Some days, not so much.


What Problem Did You Want to Solve With Your Business?

I want to put an end to fresh food waste in every kitchen around the world. My mission is to ensure food remains alive in a breathable environment. It's time to put an end to the premature destruction of fresh food.


How Do You Deal With Pressure or Stressful Situations?

Stress has been a constant the last few years and it really took a toll on my mental health. I got to the point where I was afraid to try new things, to take risks and that’s not a path any entrepreneur can go down. I started cold dipping in January to resent my risk tolerance. I’ve been cold dipping every week for 6 months now. I started with 10 seconds and was sure it was going to kill me. Now, I can relax in the ice cold Pacific Ocean for 10
minutes. The positive impact on my mental health is immeasurable.


What Are You Passionate About?

I am deeply passionate about gardening. What sets me apart is that my primary food garden is in my front yard. To me, growing food on my front lawn is a form of rebellion, a means to foster a connection with my neighbourhood, and a powerful statement advocating for food sovereignty. There’s real joy in offering a fresh tomato to a curious passerby as they make their way home from the grocery store.


What Does Self-Care Mean to You?

Self-care is the act of embracing and loving oneself. It’s easy to love and accept yourself on the good days when you feel intelligent, attractive, and humorous, but you need it most on the bad days when you perceive yourself as inadequate, overwhelmed, or unsuccessful.


How Do You Implement Self-Care in Your Daily Routine?

I can be mean to myself and have become more conscious of the impact of negative self-talk. Now, when I catch myself, I take a moment to consciously replace it with loving and compassionate thoughts. To support this process, I use visual cues, like discreetly drawing a happy face somewhere only I can see it. This simple act served as a gentle reminder to smile, even when I couldn’t find a reason to do it. I discovered the physical
act of smiling could lift me out of a negative headspace.


Who or What Inspires You the Most?

Nature! It holds remarkable solutions in every challenge we encounter. I firmly believe that by perceiving ourselves as an intrinsic part of nature, we can unlock transformative and regenerative approaches to problem-solving making the world a better place foreveryone.


Do You Have Any Self-Care Tips or Advice? 

Be nice to other people, the planet, and yourself because we’re all connected. Oh, and floss your teeth! You need them to eat good fresh food.