Where Do We Buy Our Labels?

Where Do We Buy Our Labels?

It's always a struggle searching for the best company to print your product labels and marketing materials. You're wondering if the quality will live up to your standards, what the different varieties of styles feel like, and of course cost.

We've collaborated with Sticker Canada to design and print our newest Lip Relief label. Here's why we print with Sticker Canada:


First off, let's talk quality. The three things I look for in my labels are: colour vibrancy, text quality, and adhesion strength. When I received my labels, I noticed right away that the colour vibrancy and text quality were immaculate. When I labeled my products, they looked great, until the labels started to undo themselves. There is an option for a stronger adhesive at an additional cost. All the labels sent to me in the sample pack were waterproof and scratch resistant. 


Everybody loves variety but too many options can be overwhelming. Sticker Canada does an excellent job at providing variety while easing your decision. Before finalizing your purchase, you can request a sample pack for $1. You receive 20 different stickers and three cards. This helps finalize any decision-making with confidence because you get a better understanding of what you're going to receive. Make sure to keep the sample pack handy for the future!  


So far, Sticker Canada has been the most affordable printing companies I've worked with. Did I mention that their customer service is amazing as well?

Next time you're thinking of printing anything, make sure to check out Sticker Canada.