Why Fersk?

Fersk is a Norwegian word and when translated into English, it means 'fresh'


Looking, feeling, tasting etc, clean & pure

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Good for you, your home, and our planet.

Every time you purchase an item, we plant a tree.

By planting a tree for every purchase we're making it accessible to everybody and showing the lasting impact that one small choice can have.

Our Mission

FERSK handcrafts sustainable self-care essentials, curated with ingredients sourced from plants that are good for you, your home, and our planet.

We’re constantly looking at innovative ways to make our products with the smallest possible footprint and source our ingredients from local suppliers.

We’re on a mission to create a community that is committed to taking care of themselves while protecting our home where the ingredients are sourced from.

Our Story

FERSK was founded in December of 2020. During that year, there was a huge focus on health, for obvious reasons. I had lost both of my jobs during the pandemic and was going through personal matters that were heavily impacting my head space. Filling my time being productive was my top priority - yet I wanted to do something that mattered.

The business idea sparked when I looked down at my chipped, broken and fragile nails from all of the trips to the nail salon. Ever since that moment, I was on the hunt for a natural oil that helped nourish my nails. Yet, I could not find anything that not only helped my nails but contained good-quality ingredients. That was the moment FERSK was born. I tested multiple different combinations of ingredients until I created the perfect combination of oils and herbs that were good for the body inside and out.

With the power of nature, I was able to create an all-natural oil that hydrates and revitalizes nails back to their natural state. Fast forward one year later, my handcrafted products are now available in over 100 retailers across North America and Europe and I cannot wait to grow our community of self-care enthusiast!

- Hannah Chon