Working at Fersk Self-Care

At Fersk, we prioritize self-care and wellness for all, including our employees. We offer people clean, cruelty-free products to elevate their self-care and self-love routines, so we like to reflect that internally. 

Our team is dedicated, accepting, communicative, and inclusive. While you can anticipate organized weekly meetings that keep you on the ball, you can also expect personalized conversations that will give you a good belly laugh. On top of that, you'll get to experience new and evergreen products that will help you unwind from your day.

Fersk Self-Care is a remote company. Currently, there are no open positions, but this page will be updated when there are openings.

Thanks for stopping by and considering working with us, and stay tuned for future opportunities.

P.S. — treat yourself to a bath bomb on the way out.